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As a Louisiana native, I grew up with a knack for taking the right picture at just the right moment. As my skills grew and I began to take advantage of high-end cameras, it became clear that my knack was an innate ability to capture the essence of people or the moment on film. Over time, family and friends soon found that my work was often better than local professional photographers.

Sometimes, we need a nudge to take the correct professional path. My “nudge” happened when Hurricane Katrina arrived the year of my 40th birthday. In the days that followed, I decided that the time for change had come and enrolled in a Massachusetts photography school to pursue my dream.

Upon graduation, I immediately went to work in New York City and excelled for two years as my work appeared in everything from wedding albums to posters for Off-Broadway shows.

Alas, I’m a Louisiana girl at heart. After honing my craft in the Big Apple, it was time to return to the Big Easy to deliver to you a professional and unique experience that will last a lifetime…and beyond.

Please call or email to make an appointment

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